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Vaigai Coir Cluster Pvt Ltd

The cluster is proposed to be developed under SFURTI. The Coir Board is the Nodal agency (NA) and ITCOT Consultancy and Services Limited is the Technical Agency (TA) appointed by Coir Board. The above agencies work in tandem towards the successful implementation of the project.

  • Latex Spray
  • Coir Needle Felt Roll
  • Coir Sheets and Blocks
  • Coir Cluster Rolls
  • Coir Wood

A Special Purpose Vehicle is formed with 40 members having experience in coir industry.

Coir Needle Felt

  • These are coir pads made by interlocking 100% coir fibre by plain weave through needling.
  • It is available in roll form without bonding or available in sheet form with bonding of fibre.
  • Generally, bonding of fibre is done by spraying rubber latex up to 15% DRC and cured.
  • Thickness is set as per customized requirement on latex sprayed sheets.
  • it is also called as non-woven coir fabric. Measuring Unit: Grams per square meter we make needle felt sheet from 750 gsm to 2500 gsm in varied thickness from 5mm to 30mm.
  • Needle felt without spraying latex, in roll from.Up to 20 to 30m length and width up to 2m is possible.


  • Low cost acoustic control
  • Air & water filtration and filter reinforcement
  • Thermal insulation
  • Soil erosion control & bio engineering
  • Moisture absorption and retention
  • Drainage facilitator
  • Mulch Mats
  • Coir ply boards and roofing sheets

Coir Wood

  • Advantages of Coir Wood
  • 100% wod substitute product - prevent felling of trees (Coir ply/ Door Shutter / Rubber wood is used which is plantation rubber).
  • Biodegradable
  • Coir and Jute are agro-based materials - provide more employment in rural area.
  • Coir is available throughout the year
  • Termite and borer resistant.
  • Better Screw and nail holding properties.
  • Boiling water resistant.
  • Very good appearance due to oriented jute layer and can be used without painting.
  • Can be finished, painted, polished and laminated.
  • Normal Carpenter's tools can be used.
  • Clear-cut edge.
  • Anti Fungus
  • Flame retardant.

Rubberised Coir Sheets & Blocks (Mattresses)

Twisted brown coir fibre bonded and curved using up to 23% rubber latex and set for required thickness. DRC % can also be increased as per customer requirement. Thickness from 3mm to 200mm is possible. Density varying from 50kg/cu.m to 500kg/cu.m can be processed. Measuring units: kg


  • Used in Manufacture of spring and coir mattresses.
  • Low density blocks used in packaging.
  • Carpet under lays & Bio Filters.
  • Acoustic & thermal insulators
  • Air Conditioner Filters & Grow Bag Retainer.


  • Coir fibre is a natural allergan to bacterial and fungal spores
  • Enviro friendly, biodegradable and can be recycled.
  • Coir obtained from agriculture waste.

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